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Looking for a reliable and highly skilled team to uncover the presence of mold in your home? Our team of experts utilizes time-tested tools such as air sampling, infrared imaging and laboratory analysis to quickly identify sources of contamination. Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive mold inspection services!


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Our mold inspection services provide comprehensive coverage of your property to ensure that no traces of contamination are left behind.

With years of experience in the industry and advanced tools such as air sampling and infrared imaging, our team is able to accurately identify and assess outbreaks before they become a health hazard.

Our tailored plans deliver effective solutions that efficiently eliminate existing colonies while providing preventative measures such as proper ventilation and moisture control systems where applicable.

Put your trust in us, we guarantee unparalleled results!

Mold Inspection Youngstown Ohio

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Mold Testing Procedure Youngstown

Mold Inspection Procedure

The full process of mold inspection services typically consists of the following steps:

Inspection: Our specialists will identify areas where mold growth is suspected and collect samples for laboratory analysis. We use advanced tools such as air sampling, infrared imaging, and humidity measurements to detect the presence of moisture in your home that can encourage mold growth.

Testing: Samples taken during the inspection are sent to a qualified lab where they are tested to determine which species are present if any. This helps us determine if the levels warrant professional remediation services or not.

Assessment: Based on the results from testing, we will assess the situation and provide a comprehensive report that outlines viable solutions to address current and future outbreaks. This includes recommendations for preventive measures such as proper ventilation and moisture control systems where applicable.

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Remediation: After the assessment is complete, our team will take appropriate action to eliminate existing mold colonies through safe and effective methods such as HEPA vacuuming, chemical spraying, and insulation removal depending on the severity and other factors.

Re-Inspection: Once remediation work is complete, we will conduct a final re-inspection to ensure all traces of contamination have been eliminated and recommend preventative strategies to keep future infestations at bay.

Certified Experts

Certified Mold Removal

As Certified Mold Removal experts, our team is committed to providing the finest mold remediation, mold inspection, and mold testing services to homeowners and commercial property owners.

We guarantee fast, reliable, and professional mold removal services that meet your buildings individual needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our team of certified mold specialists has the experience and knowledge to identify and remove mold from your home or business quickly. We are committed to quality service, safety, and a mold-free environment!


What are Mold Inspection services

Mold inspection services involve a comprehensive evaluation of the property to identify and assess existing contamination.

Our team of experts utilizes advanced tools such as air sampling, infrared imaging and laboratory analysis to get accurate results.

We can detect colonies before they become hazardous to health, and our tailored plans provide effective solutions while delivering preventive measures such as proper ventilation and moisture control systems.

In addition, we offer ongoing monitoring services to ensure that your property is protected from any future outbreaks of mold.

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